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What would you need to know today?
  • Our vision shortly summarized: the economy moves as a mathematical sinus graph with periods of growth and decline. Every crisis is temporarily. Within a few years high price levels will return caused by inflation. Then the current situation will be perceived as a tremendous opportunity.
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    What separates us from other private equity companies?
  • Others assume stock underperformance, while we do the mathematical calculations.
  • We only focus on the long term and will not disappear overnight.
  • Our goal is to make money work, so that you can play chess, sail, or do whatever you want.

    Curious about who we are?
  • We are a family corporation investing private capital only.
  • We love teaching generations how to improve investments.
  • Our company is officially listed in London and Leeuwarden.
  • Our track record shows safe and excellent results.


    How may we help you further?
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